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Arthroscopy Surgery

If non-surgical therapies have not healed the knee issues, arthroscopic surgery can be effective. Arthroscopic knee surgery is used to remove loose body parts, repair damaged tissue, reconstruct torn ligaments, and sometimes heal the damage caused by degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis.

Knee arthroscopy is a method which uses a small optic device to view the joint. General or local anesthesia is given during the surgery and minor incisions are made allowing for the insertion of a thin optical tool with a camera into the thigh. The sterile saline solution is injected into the knee joint, allowing the surgeon to get a good view of the knee capsule.

The camera helps an orthopedic surgeon to detect and treat knee injuries, and to correct a wide variety of joint conditions surgically.

The Surgeon ‘s focus will be on safety, pain control and the optimum outcome during and after your surgery. One week after getting knee arthroscopy, you will be able to get back to cycling, yard work and other moderate exercise.

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