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Fractures & Complex Trauma

A fracture, often recognized as a broken bone, is a disorder that affects bone shape. Traumas such as a car crash, sliding down a bridge, or even tipping down and crashing accidentally include common causes of bone fracture. Stress fractures can occur by regular exercise, preparation, or any other repetitive behavior.

Symptoms and signs of bone fracture appear as per the age of the patient, health status, intensity of injury and tissue damage, etc. If you have a bone fracture, you can experience a lot of discomfort as well as inflammation in the bone or in the region surrounding it. The sound of cracking can be heard at that moment when the bone breaks.

Fractures can be of various types. Depending on the severity of the fracture, recovery takes anything from a couple of weeks to several months and the best treatment differs. Acute bone fractures heal naturally without intervention; severe bone fractures can sometimes require surgery, immobilization, and physiotherapy once a certain stage of healing has been reached.

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