8 Simple Tips to Ease the Shoulder and Neck Pain

The causes of neck and shoulder pain is often a range of lifestyle factors that include bad posture, poor diet or stress. While in most cases making adjustments to the problem areas helps prevent and ease the already existing neck and shoulder pain, sometimes they require much more effort than that. Let’s talk about simple adjustments that can make the pain better.

Why is neck and shoulder pain becoming one of the biggest problems?

Hunched, bent at the middle lr slightly tilted to one side, does any of this sound like your condition? Far too many people these days suffer from shoulder and neck pain and feel they should’ve taken more care in the early days when parents and teachers told them to SIT UP STRAIGHT and stop slouching!

Today we are a nation of ‘slumpers’ who spend hours hunched in front of computers for work and even in our leisure time. We are bent over our smartphones, or slouched on the couch in front of the TV and therefore it’s no wonder our poor shoulders and necks have started to complain. The combination of this slouchy behavior along with factors like awkward sleeping, muscle strain, stress, age and overexertion adds more pressure on necks and shoulders.

Gone are the days when we used to walk around with books on our head, but there are some easy ways to sort out the problems related to our posture, help relieve neck and shoulder pain, and also aid speedy recovery by stopping aches and stiffness.

Some tips that can help relieve neck and shoulder pain include :

1) Sitting Square
First and foremost sit square at your desk or the steering wheel, and bottom into the back of the chair. Another useful tip is to make sure your screen is at eye level and keyboard or steering wheel close. Sometimes a rolled up towel behind the small of your back can help you to sit more upright.

2) Pillow or pillows?
Well, just one at night does the work. Any more and you end up sleeping with your head at an unnatural angle that can cause pains. So, try not to sleep on your front for the same reason as well.

3) Stretch your neck and shoulders
By tilting your head to one side and at the same time dropping the opposite shoulder, one can stretch the neck and shoulder well. Try holding it for 30 seconds, not straining to make the stretch hurt but just using the weight of your head. Repeat the same on the other side. Next, look squarely over one shoulder and then the other.

4) Strengthen your neck
The best way to strengthen your neck is by doing some basic exercises that ensure movement. For those not aware of the basic neck exercises that help strengthen it, you can ask an orthopedic or any other expert to guide you through it.

5) Squeezing shoulder blades
A big cause of neck pains is deconditioned muscles between the shoulder blades. So one should strengthen them by squeezing shoulder blades together whilst standing, in order to keep shoulders pulled backwards. Hold for a count of 5 each time and repeat for one minute initially.

6) Change your diet
While plant foods are full of magnesium and help relax the tense muscles, tea by the gallon stops it’s absorption. Chinese meals that commonly contain MSG are also known to increase pain perception. Therefore, there are many foods which can help relieve pain, as well as increase it. Hence, knowing which foods to eat fewer of and which foods to eat more can really help towards managing neck and shoulder pain.

7) Address the stress
While we all know stress creates a situation called ‘tetany’ that leads to tight muscles through which the neck and shoulders are very commonly affected. So trying a stress-easing remedy can be very helpful in reducing the pain.

8) Keep your neck warm
Simple choices like wearing a scarf, having warm showers, using heat pads and hot water bottles regularly can encourage the muscles to relax and the pain to lessen on its own.

While neck pain does generally worsen if you leave it as it is, we suggest you start implementing some changes to make a difference.

Let us know if our easy tips help remove neck and shoulder pain on its own work for you.

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