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Revision Hip Replacement

The main reason for hip revision surgery is to repair an artificial hip implant that may be no longer securely attached to the bone, resulting in abnormal motion that causes pain for the patient. Hip revision surgery is an attempt to repair the hip and restore it to a condition where it can function normally.

Using regular X-ray examinations, the orthopedic surgeon can detect and monitor any changes, and plan for revision surgery before a major problem develops.

The majority of elderly patients who receive a hip replacement retain the prosthesis for 15 to 20 years, and sometimes for life. However, some patients may need one or more revisions of a hip replacement, particularly if the initial hip replacement surgery is performed at a young age and the patient chooses to have a very active physical lifestyle.

Anyone considering revision hip surgery should call +91-9009786999 for an appointment and preoperative assessment.

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