Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder Artroscopy is a low perforation or tearing procedure performed to repair damaged parts of the shoulder joint. The surgery takes less than two hours to complete and is less painful than traditional open surgery of the shoulder. This surgical procedure is less pierced or cut, so the recovery period is also shorter. It is not a complex type of surgery and is a common treatment to treat severe shoulder pain.

Why is shoulder surgery done? –
Your doctor may ask you to have surgery if you have severe pain in your shoulder that cannot be cured with injections or medicines. Usually, due to age and injury, the muscles of the shoulder are damaged and can cause severe pain. Swelling of the shoulder joints can result in cramps or stiffness. The following are some of the reasons why you may have to undergo this surgery:

Damaged ligament or cartilage (labrum; Labrum)
Damaged bicep (frontal muscles of upper arm) tendon. There are two tendons attached to the muscles of the bicep – one connects the muscles of the bicep to the bones of the shoulder, while the other connects the muscles of the radius bone of the elbow. If any of these tendons is damaged, surgery is required to correct them.
Tendon instability (slipping of the shoulder joint from its place)
Tissue slipping or loosening that causes pain and should be removed.
Damaged rotator cuff
Bone Spur around the rotator cuff
Damage or swelling in the lining of the shoulder joints, which can be caused by Rheumatoid Artiritis.
If you are having difficulty moving your shoulder, it may also be due to less space in the shoulder. Therefore surgery can be done in such a situation that it will be easier to move the shoulder joints.

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