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There are numerous conditions that can lead to foot and hand discomfort. The network of bones and soft tissues that make up the upper and lower limbs can become inflamed or injured, generally as a result of an injury or a chronic illness.

To effectively treat your foot and hand discomfort, doctors must first determine the root of it. The leading causes of foot and hand pain that Orthopedic Specialists treat are covered in this article.

Overuse Injuries

Athletes, manual laborers, and office employees who utilize their bodies in repetitive motions frequently get hand and foot overuse problems. Long lengths of time spent on your feet or a sudden increase in the difficulty of your activity or exercise can both lead to overuse problems of the feet.

Pain in the hands and feet results from the muscles or tendons being irritated and inflamed as a result. Sprains, strains, and tendonitis are some instances of these overuse diseases.


Another common cause of foot and hand discomfort is arthritis. Arthritis produces pain and stiffness as a result of inflammation caused by the bones grinding together. The most common type is arthritis, which often affects older people but can afflict persons as young as 40. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory illness that causes discomfort and deformity in the joints of the hands and feet.

Orthopedic Specialists

Nerve Damage

Pain in the hand and wrist might be caused by nerve injury. Hand discomfort is frequently caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. It is caused by the middle nerve (which goes from the forearm down the wrist and into the carpal tunnel) being irritated as a consequence of excessive stress. If left untreated, this nerve inflammation might cause lifelong nerve damage.


Stress fractures are tiny fractures that can cause foot and hand discomfort. Stress fractures are common in athletes and are frequently the result of a hard fall or recurrent strain. Falls, high-speed and high-impact sports, direct punches, and automobile accidents can all result in larger fractures. Fractures may be painful and should be treated by a doctor right once.

Consult an Orthopedic Doctor if you are having foot or hand discomfort. They are experts in treating orthopedic disorders that cause pain and can rapidly diagnose and treat the underlying source of your discomfort.

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